Domestic Window Cleaning

Better Domestic Window Cleaning

Our equipment produces pure water for you straight from your tap.  We simply plug it into a tap, the water enters a resin chamber which cleans the water of all it’s impurities to produce pure water at the exit point. The mineral free water provides incredible cleaning and spot/streak free windows…No need to dry them either as the pure water evaporates leaving a crystal clear finish on both your glass and plastics.

This system is becoming more popular in the industry as a simple one stage wash in de-mineralised water.  Unlike many other companies we use a 2 stage wash which includes a detergent wash before rinsing in de mineralised water.  This will remove any grim or grease before leaving a perfect finish  for you to enjoy

We offer a regular monthly window clean, a bi–monthly window clean or just a one off window clean. Our window cleaners clean all the frames, sills and windows as standard on every visit.